Why and how we ban....


The reason we ban more than other Clan's is simple there is no cheat detection built into any of the games we host on our dedicated Server.  So the policing of the games is left to us, we also like to play and absolutely do not tolerate any of the following.


1. Private Steam Profiles - You will be asked once to open the profile if you do not we Ban you from our servers by a unique identifier called a GUID.  We request an open profile so we can check for VAC, Game & Trade BANS.  If you have any of these we do not want you on our servers there are no exceptions to this rule.


2. Vulgarity - Vulgar Steam player names and Avatars past or present.  Yes if we find a vulgar past Steam name we ban for that also, Why?  because it lets us know who you are at your core.


3.  Hacking - We have been hosting game servers well over 10 years we know what to look for.  We have seen all sorts of hacks we know what activity to look for.


4.  Abuse  -  Any type of hazing or disparaging comments to other players or Server Admins.


5. Multiple Accounts - We see most hackers have multiple accounts, So we BAN for this.  An honest player should not have to buy the game twice.


6. Ban Integration - We actively sync our BAN list with other clans so that when you cheat you will feel the sting of the BAN.  If one of the other clans bans you we do not want you either.


7. Illegal Software - There are some games that were created to be a back door into Steam.  If we see this game in the players profile we instantly BAN .


8. Non Traditional Characters -  If we see Asian or Cyrillic alphabet it is also an instant ban. We run English only servers. English Alphabet and English is the only language allowed in game.


9. Breaking Server Rules - If you break the rules that are posted in game you will be BANNED.


10. Player Espionage - If we suspect that you are giving players on the opposing team information on your team we also BAN.


11. Hacker Clan - If you belong to a known Hacker Clan we BAN for this also.


12. Hacker Friends - If you are friends with hackers we usually find you are too. If we see banned players in your friends list we BAN.


13. Non Responsive - If you do not respond to Verbal or Written question from an Server Admin we BAN.


14. AFK - If you go AFK for an extended length of time without letting an Admin know we BAN.  We find this to be very rude especially in a Team based game.


Below are the codes we use on our BAN Master list.  If you are banned and wish to request the BAN be removed you will need to find your name or GUID on the list and contact us with your information.



PH # Possible Hack

VB # VAC Ban

GB # Game Ban

TB # Trade Ban

AA # Admin Abuse

PA # Player Abuse

PP # Private Profile

SW # Illegal Software

PC # Inappropriate Profile Content or Name

HF # Hacker Friends

HC # Hack Clan

MF # Knows Banned Players

LA # Speaking Foreign Language

OC # Other Clan Ban Integration

PE # Player Espionage

VL # Vulgar Language

RR # Cyrillic alphabet

MA # Multiple Accounts

NT # Non Traditional Characters

NR # Non Responsive to Admin


If you feel that you have been wrongly banned you can request a review of the BAN. You will need to do the following.


1. Find you name and GUID on the BAN Master List.  You will need to be able to do this as we will not!

2. Fill out the required fields on the BAN Contact form.

3. Make sure you don't have any issues with the above rules.


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